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View Acoelomate PNG. Why does being acoelomate matter? On the flip side, coelomate consists of both vertebrates and.

Triploblastic Acoelomate Body Plan Biology Boom
Triploblastic Acoelomate Body Plan Biology Boom from

This can cause some serious disadvantages. Acoelomate versus coelomate body structures. An acoelomate is an animal which lack a coelom, or formal body cavity.

An animal that lacks a coelom.

Acoelomate synonyms, acoelomate pronunciation, acoelomate translation, english dictionary definition of acoelomate. Examples of acoelomate animals are the platyhelminths. Acoelomate in the largest biology dictionary online. Choose from 25 different sets of flashcards about term:body cavities = acoelomate, pseudocoelomate, coelomate on quizlet.

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