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If youre new and want to learn more about the Expanded Universe you can find a few links in the sidebar that may be helpful. There is a barrier at the edge of the galaxy that prevents hyperspace travel beyond.

Star Wars Galaxy Map With Bg By Offeye Galaxy Map Star Wars Galaxies Star Wars Planets

Star Wars takes place in one galaxy because the space between galaxies is too far to travel.

Star wars universe galaxy. NASA has found an active galaxy far far away that looks eerily reminiscent of a TIE fighter from Star Wars The galaxy known as TXS 0128554 is. Visions an anime-inspired take on the Star Wars universe will be added to Disney Plus streaming library on Wednesday Sep. Collect your favorite Star Wars characters like Luke Skywalker Han Solo Darth Vader and more from every era then conquer your opponents in epic RPG-style combat.

It contains about 600 planets Alderaan Naboo Tatooine Mandalore Coruscant Dagobah and many more hyperspace routes important places in the saga such as Jedi and Sith temples location of the Death stars most noticiable battles etc. It is thick enough that subluminal travel would take several years to traverse it. If youre looking for a specific planet and cant find it here try using the search page.

The Essential Atlas guide the population of known space is approximately 100 quadrillion sentients a figure they seem to have reached by factoring in around 50 million populated worlds each with an average of two billion inhabitants as well as a few mega-populated worlds like Coruscant 1 trillion and Geonosis 100 billion. When Star Wars is bad its galaxy feels like a thing on a screennot a place you can go. Star Wars and all related locations story and information are copyright of Lucasfilm and Disney.

The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian as well as Star Wars series video games books and more. 161 rows The Star Wars galaxy contains several broad sub-regions. It is probably the largest and most detailed map of the galaxy that you will find.

Welcome to the most comprehensive map of the Star Wars galaxy featuring planets from the movies TV shows and Expanded Universe. Star Wars Galaxy Map. Mit agent_archer_gb Instagram und Freunden bei dem Star Wars Museum Stars of the Galaxy ihren Geburtstag gefeiert.

Explore the worlds and systems of Star Wars from the icy tundra of Hoth to the deserts of Tattooine in this interactive experience built by nclud. The timeline of the Star Wars Universe shown in 6 minutes this video only includes major political events therefore the birth of main characters and etc wi. To my understanding a galaxy isnt very big compared to the universe itself.

Have you always wished to learn the ways of the Force. From the Western Reaches to the Unknown Regions and beyond half the Star Wars Galaxy is completely unexplored due to a mysterious series of events and adm. According to the endnotes for the Star Wars.

Feel free to ask the community. The official site for Star Wars featuring the latest on Star Wars. If so you are now invited to the World of Galaxies where you can act out your dream of living in the Galaxy and live like the characters of the Star Wars universe.

You can use this page to browse and explore the galaxy and find links to Wookieepedia articles about the locations. Build mighty teams and craft the best strategy to win battles across iconic locations to become the most legendary hologamer in the galaxy. A big one is Hutt Space where the giant slugs hang out and run their criminal empire.

The world of The Mandalorian thankfully is. Online Star Wars Universe. We are primarily a source of discussion and news for anything involving the Star Wars Expanded Universe Legends or Story Group Canon.

If you notice something thats missing or. To swing a lightsaber. Or fly an X-wing or maybe become a bounty hunter like Boba Fett.

If you like the map please consider donating to help cover the cost of running the website. Since its launch questions about how to watch and a few other aspects of the seriess presence on Disney Plus have become some of the most popular search trends on Google. Welcome to the Star Wars Expanded Universe subreddit.

This strongly leads me to believe there should actually be more galaxies in the Star Wars universe hehe. Star Wars has many different sentient races and the way they are presented suggests that most planets are host to only one of them some exceptions like naboo. In the Star Wars universe the Republic might seem like it controls the galaxy but groups of planets and governments might as well be outside of its jurisdiction.

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