Fantastis! Burung Merpati Ini Dijual dengan Harga Rp 1,5 Miliar!

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what do you want to buy if you have one and a half billion rupiah for a resident from Jakarta named Tall, one and a half billion rupiah money is used to buy a pigeon belonging to Muhammad Juned, a resident of Wonopringgo in Pekalongan, Central Java, the patent is purchased in this transaction named Jacquard, which is usually Juned used for pigeon racing under a pigeon like Juliet.

This hero is five years old and has not counted in many competitions with prizes ranging from motorbikes to car racing, the pigeon column is usually marked with four bamboo sticks that are plugged into a square when the dove manages to swoop down. If you enter the square column, you have the right to be the winner. Juliet actually reluctantly sells her flagship Jaguar pigeon, but Juned sells it because he wants to give an example of motivation to pigeon racing lovers, namely raising pigeons can make money if they are caught. Kuni, seriously, here’s an achievement, which I also motivate all bird players throughout Indonesia, so that in order to advance under free, there must be someone who is booming, bro, hihihi , Indonesian people, who are bird players, can go forward, can be enthusiastic about playing birds, to motivate my goal to [ __ ] Juned has been working on racing pigeons since 20 years ago.

In his cage, there are thousands of pigeons ready to compete and are sold to residents who want to buy the average price of pigeons that Juned sells starting from 30 million rupiah to hundreds of millions rupiah. Pekalongan Central Java .

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